Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Donald Trump Is Not Jimmy Carter

This was a VERY BAD IDEA.

UPDATE 31 December 2019 11:04 [Borepatch]:  Trump's response:


I guess we'll see if the Iraqi government has the security services stand down again.

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SiGraybeard said...

Let's see...
The protesters hanged a poster on the wall: “America is an aggressor,” ...
Earlier, the mob shouted “Down, Down USA!” ...

There's no indication those are translations and the signs were not in English.

If the signs were in English, that means they're for the US media to see - the signs are meant to sway American opinion and policy.

None of this is new. Remember when Clinton bombed the chemical weapons facility that was called an "Iraqi Baby Milk Factory" and the workers had that phrase - in English - on their uniforms? Meant for the American press.

As you say, not a very bright idea.