Monday, December 2, 2019

15 Minutes and a Search Engine

We all know people like this. There was that kid in high school who had to lie to make himself feel cool. He lied about his exploits with his dates, or his car, or how much money he had. The guys that pin on medals they didn't earn are like this. They want to be heroes without the price.

Elizabeth Warren is like this. On simple things, where the truth wouldn't be better or worse, like her ethnicity, she lies. On things that are easily verifiable, where lying can only backfire, she can't help it.  When she was talking about education, she denied that her children went to private school. Because her platform is opposed to charter schools and school choice, she said her kids went to public schools.

Except, her son didn't. For six years, from 6th grade through 12th, he attended the Haverford School. Looks like an excellent school. Their vision and mission statements are lofty. One thing it is not, however, is a public school. Tuition is $39,500 a year.

Every President politician lies. Every one. In today's environment, what I am asking for is a Presidential candidate that is smart enough to know when lying is the appropriate course of action and when telling the truth is the only smart thing to do. Because when you're going to get caught by a reporter with 15 minutes and an internet connection, what was the point of the lie?

It's just sad.



Beans said...

Very sad. Like the little kid who just keeps lying in order cover up that he's lying.

She is a perpetual bad liar. Yet she keeps making money hand over fist, keeps getting jobs, keeps getting re-elected.

And who gets attacked for pointing out these lies? Not her supporters, not her, noooo... It's us, the skeptics, the truth seekers who are bad people, evil people, us who are wrong in pointing out she is a faker.

A Reader said...

Perhaps the point of the lie is to get everyone else to parrot it as truth and thus to get them to stop caring what the truth is, subverting their moral courage and their morality itself. It's like the "Workers of the World, Unite!" sign in the grocer's window that Solzhenitsyn discussed. Marxist theory never got a single ripe tomato to the market on time, but the grocer was supposed to pretend it mattered, until he had no more fiber left with which to resist. It's diabolical.

Aaron said...

I think she and the other Dems lie because they don't care, and the lie suits the line they're selling.

Combine that with the fact the media will cover for them and never challenge them on these lies as it suits the media's particular biases as well, and they have a license to lie without consequence.