Tuesday, November 12, 2019

WWI battlefields from an Airship in 1919

Old NFO's comment on yesterday's post sparked a memory of this. A French airship pilot, Jacques Trollie de Prevo, flew over the battlefields of France after the war. He carried a cameraman with a film camera.

The footage was rediscovered in 2010 in Paris. The full video has not been released. A short section  is available on YouTube. It captures the devastation in a way words do not.


Tacitus said...

Fascinating footage, I'd not been aware of this. By 1919 a lot had already been cleaned up. Note not only the streets free of rubble but the nice new wood frame buildings. The site I was excavating on in 2018, Hill 80, shows up as an elevation off on the eastern horizon a couple of times. Its where a lot of this artillery fire was directed from.

Footage taken during the war looks more like the moon's surface, although the Cloth Hall and a few of the bigger churches had enough solid stone in them that some of their walls held up to four years of high explosives.


Old NFO said...

Glad I was wrong, and the silence makes it even more eerie...