Saturday, November 23, 2019

On Loss and Beauty

Familiar as I am with loss, each one is unique. As the blog pauses for a moment to remember one gone too soon, I want to offer this quote. Ms. Conroy is writing about the loss of her husband, Pat Conroy, to cancer, in her recently published memoir Tell Me A Story.
"It's the way of beauty, I thought. Destruction and devastation are always there, always demanding our attention. The chaos of life makes us forget that sometimes, if we don't get too distracted by the wreckage, the losses and heartbreaks, we're offered a glimpse of something better, maybe even something we can call divine. But we'll miss it if we forget that beauty, like joy, is fleeting and never lasts more than a moment.

A sparkle of sunlight on water, then it's gone."

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LSP said...

I found that very moving and true.