Thursday, October 3, 2019

And Then There Were 17

One of the 18 flyable B-17 bombers crashed today in Connecticut. It was on a flying tour, there 3 crew and 10 passengers aboard. As of the latest reports, there were 7 fatalities. 

Here's the tower and aircraft audio.


libertyman said...

What a shame on so many levels.
That plane flew over my house Sunday on its way to Bradley, one of its last flights.
So sad for the loss of life.

Old NFO said...

So sad. May they rest in peace.

Ted said...

I flew on "Sophisticated Lady" several years ago. It was LOUD!!!, smelled of oil and gas, the gun ports were just open panels, the skin over the airframe was "beer can thick", the flight control cables ran along the side of the cabin just about where you would brace yourself if moving about. You can see the ground thru the 3" gaps in the Bomb-bay doors. Never mind that they were sharing the cabin with thousands of lbs of High explosives. Those guys were brave!!!!!!

It was the best $500 for 15 minutes I've ever spent.