Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Christine Lee Hanson was the youngest person to die as a direct result of the 9/11 hijackings. She was traveling with her parents to Disney World. She was two.

Something like 9/11 is too big to take in. I recommend picking one person. Take a name off the list. Learn about that person. I picked Christine. She represents 9/11 for me. The loss, the horror, the senseless stupidity of murdering random civilians.

She would be 20 now. A college student, moving into adulthood.

Instead, she and her parents died  when their plane impacted the South Tower. Christine's paternal grandfather Lee was on the phone with his son Peter right up to impact. They knew what was going to happen. Peter tried to comfort his dad, "Don't worry, Dad, if it happens, it will be quick." His last words were, "Oh my God".

Her grandparents have spent the last 18 years pushing for justice, for trials, for the people responsible for planning the attack to be held accountable. That hasn't happened. Lee Hanson died last November. Eunice continues to push for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to be brought to trial.

Not birthdays and vacations, watching her granddaughter grow up, but memorials, visits to federal defense attorneys, waiting for some sort of justice, and growing old alone.

"They took away our dreams. They took away our future,"
--Lee Hanson 


McChuck said...

Terrorists should be thoroughly interrogated. Then, when all possible intelligence value has been extracted from them, they should be shot, and their bodies dropped into the ocean.

ASM826 said...

Terrorism isn't the enemy. Terrorism is a tactic used in asymmetric warfare. If we could just figure out who the enemy is, we could fight and win.

Richard said...

We have figured out who the enemy is, now we need to do something about it.

Eagle said...

My second cousin worked in the Woolworth building, a block north and a block east of Two World Trade Center - which is across the street from where one of the towers stood (I think tower 1). He was on his way to work on the subway when the trains were stopped and everyone was told that there was an explosion at the World Trade center. It was election day and he had just voted in the primary - otherwise he would have been in the building, which suffered some damage, when the towers fell.

My daughter was mad at me the previous week: "You're so unfair!". Because it was a school day, I didn't allow her to take a bus to meet with some of the faculty members of Boston's School of the Museum of Fine Arts. They were scheduled to have a "meet and greet" brunch on September 11, 2001 ...

... in the Top of the World restaurant at the World Trade Center.

She's not mad at me any more.

For me, 9/11/01 is a day with mixed emotions. Anger and sadness that so many were killed or hurt, and thankfulness that my family remained safe.

ASM826 said...


If we had figured out who the enemy was, we would not have declared war on a tactic.


Beans said...

The thing is, often we do know who the actual enemy is. We just don't have the intestinal fortitude to "Make a Desert and call it Peace."

Oftentimes, the 'uncivilized' Mongols had the much more civilized answer to modern problems.

Of course, if the Clinton Administration had not seen international terrorism as a 'crime' and treated it as a type of warfare, and actually prosecuted that warfare appropriately, while not throwing up barriers between the CIA and the FBI and the Military and while not whacking OBL the 8 or 9 times they could have, well...

So, yeah, I blame some people here for 9-11. Wouldn't have happened if we had followed up on the first attacks on the World Trade Centers back in '93, followed up correctly to the last drop of vengeance.

But... Thank you, Borepatch, for remembering this lost soul.

ASM826 said...


Yes, terrorism is a type of warfare, a set of tactics. It's just like the United States looking at the events of December 7, 1941 and deciding to declare war on aviation.

All of this in tomorrow's post. Today belongs to Christine.


Old NFO said...

I've heard that story before, STILL angry...

Borepatch said...

Beans, ASM826 put up this post. I used to post on the 9/11 anniversary but quite frankly he says it a lot better.

OldNFO, yeah - me too.