Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Maybe the people in Hong Kong know something about communism that the people in Portland haven't learned yet.

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Eagle said...

Portlandians think that "communism" and "socialism" mean "free things". In response, they subscribe to the "eat the rich" theory of income/property redistribution.

Hong Kong residents know that "communism" and "socialism" mean "government freely taking things from people". In response, they subscribe to the "work hard and become rich" theory of income generation.

Portlandians live in a free society where they can complain without fear of government recrimination.

Hong Kong residents live in a non-free society where the government determines whether you can complain, what you can complain about, and when/whether you will be arrested/detained/imprisoned for saying the wrong thing.

Portlandians want to reject capitalism in favor of communism. Hong Kong residents want to reject communism in favor of capitalism.

What do the people in Hong Kong know that Portlandians don't know?

They know the real effect of a communist government. Up close and personal. Good and hard.