Sunday, September 8, 2019

Besides Neil Armstrong, I Mean

First words on the moon from some of the other missions. 

This will be a blogroll add. It's a science website with focus on "climate change". It has a bad habit of using, ya know, actual data.  But they do post on other areas and this post on the moon landings and what they said as they stepped out of the module is a good one.

There's even a side note on what they wanted to say and didn't.

If you had any balls you’d say, “Oh, my God! What is that thing?” Then scream and cut your mic.

–Apollo 11 Command Module Pilot Michael Collins


SiGraybeard said...

The only one I know is Pete Conrad's because I always liked that guy. Pete was the extremum of test pilot. Suited up and strapped into the capsule, sitting on 6 million pounds of fuel getting ready to launch to the moon - he fell asleep on the pad.

Without going to that site to look it up (so that I'm completely right) he said, "that may have been a small step for Neil but it's a big one for me".

Beans said...

My dad said one of the standard traits of all the Apollo guys he dealt with was a wicked sense of humor. Mike Collins seems to express that.

Smart asses, pretty much all of them.

He did say Gus Grissom had a cutting, dark sense of humor, almost germanic in its fatalism. Dad always got quiet and withdrawn around the anniversary of Apollo 1.

HMS Defiant said...

i read the right stuff way back when I was nought but an OC and the humor came through just fine even from the Gemini and Mercury astronauts.