Thursday, September 12, 2019

18 Years Out

18 years after December 7th, 1941 was 1959. Japan and Germany had largely been rebuilt. The threat they had represented was relegated to history books and movies. The United States had made the decision to eliminate those threats, converted to a war footing, won decisively, and returned to a peacetime economy that was the envy of the world.

18 years after September 11, 2001 is 2019.

We never identified the enemy. We never declared war. We called it a war. The War on Terror. A complete failure to identify the enemy and an undeclared war on a tactic. Invaded two countries inconclusively. Then we decided to start rebuilding before we had won.

As a result, we have incurred 7,000 combat related U.S. military deaths, 54,000 injuries of which approximately 1,700 involved amputations, and there are 6,000 veteran suicides a year, every year.

In the process we have already spent 6 Trillion dollars. We did not tax or sell war bonds for this. It is all done with borrowing and deficits.

We used up the life of our ships, aircraft, vehicles, and weapons systems. We would be currently unable to effectively respond to another war. Our active obligations drive an ops tempo that do not allow for proper maintenance of equipment and push personnel into a continuous cycle of deployments.

We set in motion a surveillance apparatus that continues to grow, watching every move, call, text, click that we make.

We turned air travel into a Kafkaesque system where everyone, from 80 year old nuns to infants are suspects. It's all theater, but it's unpleasant, unconstitutional theater. And we spent a 100 Billion dollars just on that.

We have lost and are continuing to lose. We're negotiating with the Taliban. We don't control Afghanistan. We don't control Iraq. We are not safer than we were in 2001. We don't have any idea who is coming across our southern border. We don't know that the next attack won't be worse. We're far less free than we were.

If Osama Bin Laden wanted to make us bleed, both physically and economically, he won.


Beans said...

If we had the same ROE as in WWII, it would have been over in 4 years or less.

Unconditional war, on the terrorists and those who support them, persons, nations (Pakistan, I'm looking at YOU!) both abroad and over here.

Don't report the news except as a slant? Up against the wall.

Provide financial or material support? Up against the wall.

Try to turn it into an international hunt for criminals? Up against the wall.

Caught shooting at us with no semblance of rank or uniform? Up against the wall.

Politicians, moms, dads, university professors, kids and young adults here and abroad actively working against us and for them? Up against the wall.

That's how it shoulda been prosecuted. With the full industrial, political and social power of this Republic.

LSP said...

Great post. Well said.

Gorges Smythe said...

The "War on Terror" has been just as well run and just as effective as "The War on Poverty."

Glen Filthie said...

Well... yes and no. Nation building was and is one of America’s noblest blunders. It stemmed from America’s success with rebuilding Germany and Japan after WW2. Unfortunately moslems are not Japanese or Germans. Nor are Africans, Mexicans, or South Americans. Genetics and race are real. You can’t build nations for people that are too stupid to keep them going. In the case of moslems... they have been at war with the world and each other for 1400 years. Even if they could be civilized they cost of doing so would probably be prohibitive. Their desolate fly blown chit hole countries are so unproductive, it probably isn’t even worth killing them and taking their shit. Any victory as you define it would be impossible with those people.

But have we lost? Well... yodelling mudflaps are no longer flying airplanes through skyscrapers. Moslem nations that used to fund and export terror are now walking on eggshells and looking over their shoulders. Osama is dead. Saddam is dead as are his buggardly sons, Odie and Casey. Khaddaffi got potted and those mutts in Iran May be next.

Our financials are due solely to internal mismanagement and corruption. When America’s affirmative action president was put in charge, the black baboon tripled the national debt. He also undermined the military by putting vibrants, sexual degenerates, and marginal women in positions they don’t have the competence to handle. A financial meltdown is pretty much a certainty now... but the good thing is it will force us to deal with our problems... and the people that created them.

Richard said...

@Glen F

Blame Obama for the mess if you want as he did make things worse.
But the basic strategy was set by Bush. The man was an utter failure as President, especially for conservatives. This goes well beyond bungling the wars and leaked over into domestic politics as well. We need to insure that no one like Bush ever becomes President on our account again. It is one thing to lose an election but another entirely to win and then do as the enemy wishes.

ASM826 said...

This should have been over long before Pr. Obama took office.

Pr. Bush deserves some of the blame, but so does Congress.

Glen Filthie said...

I don’t blame anyone, Richard. If your honest president, with a sterling character and heroic drive to get things done we’re elected tomorrow, we the people would tear him to shreds and throw him out by coffee time. The money will never be repaid; we are not going to vote our way out of what is coming, and we all have a hand in what’s going to happen to us. If Bush or Obutthole didn’t do the things they did, somebody else would have. All men like us can do is look at what’s coming and make preparations.

Beans said...

Bush's main problem was, though he was a decisive and strong person, his cabinet and Congress deep stated him before we called it the Deep State.

If only he had the backing of his own cabinet... and some backing in Congress.

Much like his father, the DS already had their cold hands around his heart.