Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Adaptive Curmudgeon Hits the Bullseye

Adaptive Curmudgeon hits the bullseye on why Epstein's death matters and you should go read the whole thing.
I was the last Boy Scout. I believed in rule of law. I saw a glorious chance to do it properly. The bar was set low and they dove into the dirt beneath it. Fuckers!
Was it Arkancide? I don’t know. I don’t care. It was their job to keep him alive. He’s not. They blew it. It’s a disaster. I had hope and I’ve been wrong from day one.
They blew it; just as everyone (but me) expected.
Clintonite mob hit on the rich and connected? Jailers that shouldn’t be trusted to keep a hamster? Some combination of the two. Which is worse? Which is better? Why?
Argentina used to toss dissidents out of helicopters. They knew it was wrong and carefully hid their shame. Epstein died right out in the open.
This matters to you and me both. A system that killed a lawyered up billionaire can do the same to anyone on earth. He was the most famous defendant on earth, everyone assumed he was at risk, there are thousands of jokes and memes about it… he’s dead and we’re fucked. Nobody is safe.


Old NFO said...

Pretty much says it all...

Pachydermis2 said...

Oh, given the level of general incompetence it is a more likely explanation than conspiracy. Hopefully about three tiers of those responsible and supervising get sacked with loss of pension. I'm not holding my breath.

But if you want to go that route, I recall a great scene from one of the greatest movies ever, The Godfather. Don Corleone is meeting with the other bosses and has some things to say about bringing his son Michael home.

"But I'm superstitious. If some accident should befall my son. If a policeman shoots him in the head, or if he hangs himself in his cell, or if he is hit by a bolt of lighting....then I will blame some people here. And that I would not forgive".


Spin said...

"Mr. Kotter. who killed Epstein?"

Sweathogs gotta know.

LindaG said...

No one has been safe for a while now.

Ken said...

"No one has been safe for a while now."

Perzackly. We have been done a favor (of a sort), having that made clear.

That said, Numquam dicere mori.

capt fast said...

Argentina air force used to chuck the great unwashed out the ass end of cargo planes into the south atlantic. not to many ever said anything about it but we trained those people. Chilean air force threw dissidents into the mid pacific ocean by the planeload. I am not saying it was central government policy to do that, perhaps some ultra hard military intel types did it thinking they were doing the country a favor. think that one thru if you believe in benevolent government of any sort. any governing entity totally unresponsive to the will of the people of the republic "for the good of the country"....where have we heard that line before.
Now, ridding the people of the ability to defend themselves from criminals or the government gone rogue is a two edged sword. it will scythe down the both sides of any issue and leave only those wanting absolute power in control. we went to battle over that in 1776 and there is little out there that tells me we won't have to do battle again some day.

Will said...

I've read that Pinochet's home is considered a near holy site by the public, who are very thankful that he destroyed the Left's attempt to take over the nation.