Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Same Results, Different Reasons

Nike made some shoes with the original American Flag on them. The 13 white stars in a circle on the field of blue. What some people call the Betsy Ross flag.

Nike's BFF Colin Kaepernick didn't like the shoes because reasons. So Nike pulled the shoes off the shelves and now you can't get a pair even if you wanted to pay Nike's inflated prices and support Colin's one man war on America.

I find myself in an odd spot on this. The shoes violate United States Code Title 36 Chapter 10. Among other guidelines for flag etiquette, like not displaying flag at night unless it is illuminates and not putting any image on the flag, using the flag as a decoration on clothing is a violation. There is no penalty, the code is just there to provide guidance on proper behavior for the flag.

There are oddities in the code that get ignored all the time. When giant flags are carried out flat in half-time shows, that's a violation. Failing to stand and render a salute when in uniform or stand with your right hand over your heart in civilian clothes during the National Anthem is a violation.

No one cares. The country has moved on. If I had contacted Nike and complained about their disrespect of the Colors by embroidering the flag on their overpriced sneakers I would have been ignored. But the outcome of Colin Kaepernick's complaint delivers the same results.


Old NFO said...

Their rationale for pulling the shoes is BS too.... sigh

Glen Filthie said...

It’s branding. Marketing. Nothing more.we’re being played and manipulated. Nike thinks it can sew up the vibrant/social justice demographic by using their products to give guys like us the finger. It’s a ballsey move, actually. Nothing personal, all just dollars and cents. Soon a patriot brand will surface. It’s Pepsi vs Coke, reheated.

If I could I’d lead with a brand sporting a rebel flag and let Nike send their alienated customers to me.

Richard said...

It is hardly a "one-man war". Big chunks of the corporate world, including but not limited to Nike, hate America.

Ritchie said...

Does 36/10 apply just to the current official version of the Flag, or all the previous ones as well? When the design changes, I seem to recall that it is officially adopted, I guess by Congress.

ASM826 said...

There is always a current flag but all other older variations are still considered legitimate U.S. flags and accorded the same respect.