Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Area 51

There is a whimsical plan for a million or so people to visit Area 51 and "see dem aliens." The Air Force, lacking in humor as most governmental agencies are, is warning what a bad idea it would be.

It's not clear what the Air Force response would be to an invasion of a million man FaceBook flash mob onto one of it's more secret facilities. A-10s on strafing runs seem unlikely but a million people is a sizable invasion. However, I am watching with interest.

Because if the Air Force successfully defends it's base perimeter, I have a suggestion. Let's make a long narrow Air Force base from the Gulf of Mexico in Texas to the Pacific Ocean. We could call it Area 52 and task the Air Force with keeping people out of it from both sides.


Borepatch said...

Well, that's where people would go if they wanted to see Aliens, at least.

Ed Bonderenka said...


Rich in NC said...

area 51 Aliens (secret)
area 52 Aliens (not so secret)

Both surrounded by Air Force personnel.

Good Idea.

Antibubba said...

It's a diversion for the real plan to storm Hangar 18!

lee n. field said...

Probably get a couple hundred pale overweight guys, who will not have adequate water (if nothing else) to get anywhere interesting.