Friday, March 22, 2019

Bernie Sanders Calls For War*

Sanders: ‘We Must Follow New Zealand’s Lead’ on Assault-Rifle Ban

*Alternative title: Bernie Sanders curbstomps the last chance he had to win a national election.


Beans said...

The mark (or marx) of a good socialist is to call for gun control of privately owned guns of the little people.

Bernie is just reliving his life as a good pawn of the USSR. Heck, wouldn't be surprised if the current KGB replacement is slipping him some cash under the table.

Wouldn't it be nice to stick all members of Congress on a lie detector and ask them straight forward questions like "Do you support and defend the Constitution of the United States?" and "Are you taking money from foreign governments or socialist organizations?"

Failure would mean immediate incarceration pending full results of a trial, incarceration meaning no voting or pay until they're clear.

They wanna play tough? Let's get tough right back.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Note to Bernie:

Sit down and shut the hell up, ya old f*rt! You want someone's gun, YOU go ask then to give it to YOU, personally.

See what happens.