Monday, February 18, 2019

Sometimes You Know

Jussie Smollett, a gay, black actor living in Chicago, claimed to have been attacked by two white men wearing red "Make America Great Again" hats. They purportedly beat him, poured bleach on him, hollered "This is MAGA country", called him the name that cannot be named, insulted his sexuality, and put a noose around his neck.

Unbelievable. Not unbelievable in the sense of how could someone do that? Unbelievable in the sense of there is no way this is real. On one of the coldest nights of the year, two men in MAGA hats carrying a noose and bleach were wandering the streets of a Chicago neighborhood looking for someone to carry out a racial and LGBT attack on?

I would have accepted that someone had hollered out the car window at him and thrown a beer bottle. There are lots of people that harbor racial hatred. White, black, or any other group you like. But this was like a meme of an attack that seemed to be hitting every stereotype. It felt fake from the start.

I suspect that even the MSM knew it was a bad story or they would have wallpapered the internet with it. CNN has claimed they were skeptical from the beginning. But many outlets and individuals jumped to support Mr. Smollet. It played into their belief system. It supported the meme that racism in America is worse than ever because Trump.

The Chicage police treated this like an armed land mine. Carefully investigating, making no public statements, they worked through it until they unraveled the story. Jussie Smollett apparently paid two minor actors from the show to rough him up and put a noose around his neck. He is still denying it. The story has not completely resolved yet and it is unclear if Mr. Smollett will be charged with any crime.

But it's over. Just like when the buttercups bloom in my yard in late March, I know winter is over, this is over.

Nancy Pelosi had tweeted the following on January 29th, 2019.

Yesterday it was deleted from her account without comment.


B said...

Gotta remember at this was on the second coldest night of the year as well. Not like lots of folks were even out in the (fairly) dangerous cold conditions.

And how did they know he was gonna go out at 2 AM for a sammich at the local Subway???

Plus, I know a LOT of rednecks....None of them use the term "MAGA Country"...

And there is the question how they even knew who he was, what with being all bundled up due to the extreme cold.

But hey, if you are an actor, and never met a redneck, and have to do something to keep from being fired at the end of the season, and not really all that smart, one could come up with just the scenario that he presented.....

This smelled form the beginning. The Chicago news folks reported it, but they were careful to preface everything with the term "alleged". They knew it was BS too.


As a Jew who wears a kippa out in public, I've had ONE incident... here in New England.

While traveling on business, down in "deep dark redneck country" I experienced nothing but courtesy, politeness, and a fair amount of honest curiosity. Probably the sweetest - and I'm serious - experience I had was in a very small "flyspeck on a map" town, at dinner one night, I heard a child's voice from behind me. (OK, ok, since it wasn't a kosher kitchen it technically wasn't kosher... but Judaism is a practical religion, and I had to eat! Like I tell people, I make a spirited attempt to keep kosher while traveling.)

"Mommy, what's that funny hat that man's wearing?"

"That's how he shows he loves G-d, now be quiet before he hears you."

I confess, a missed opportunity - I should have turned around and gone over. Still, what a wonderful reply that mother gave. (And one trip to the Gulf coast, where shrimp is practically a religion itself, asking for "no shrimp" was tantamount to high treason - but once I explained that it was a religious restriction, not only was there 100% acceptance but usually resulted in a genuinely-curious inquiry as to the kashrut (kosher laws) in general.)

Compare with where I live; last time I was job searching I was told by several people that my kippa - showing I was religious - was likely costing me jobs.

ASM826 said...


You're absolutely right. No one says "MAGA". I am a member of a gun club in the south. We all voted against Hillary, not because we are racist, not because we like Trump. Because we are always voting to try to protect our rights. I have never even seen a MAGA hat at the club.

And while there are a fair number of old white guys, we have women members, minority members, and at least a couple of openly LGBT members.

This was a fantasy dreamed up by an actor.

Borepatch said...

But hey, if you are an actor, and never met a redneck, and have to do something to keep from being fired at the end of the season, and not really all that smart, one could come up with just the scenario that he presented.....

Bingo, B. Just like Colin Kaepernak had to think up something after going 2-14.



It's amazing how the sterotypes are held against us.

Aside from a kippa, I could easily attend a KKK rally based on my appearance. My mother was an immigrant (legal). My wife is non-white, and a (by birth) Sunni Muslim first-generation immigrant. Our children, whom I love beyond measure, are bi-racial. NB: She's starting the process to convert...

Nevertheless, the moment people find out I'm to the Right of Stalin, I immediately get smeared as raaaaacist, and anti-iiiimigrant, and Islamophooooobic. (Speaking of the latter, try asking my wife what should be done with terrorists AND their families!)

ProudHillbilly said...

I said from the beginning it was a hoax. I just figured it was drugs or sex gone wrong. Sad thing is I'm suge CPD knew it was a hoax, too, but had to dot and cross to protect themselves.

Steve said... won't hear of any of the MSM retracting their op-eds.....BECAUSE they truly believe that somewhere in this great land....that scenario IS being played out; "they" just know!!!!