Monday, February 18, 2019

Never Get Out Of The Boat

In Apocalypse Now, there is a scene where a couple of the men go into the jungle and run into a tiger. They survive this and as they get back on the boat one of them is panic stricken, shouting over and over "Never get out of the boat!" The scene ends with this:

On the internet, the closest comparison is, "Never go to the comments!" Never. If you're on a news site and there is an article you have an opinion on, let it go.

I just looked at the comments on the latest news on Jussie Smollett on USAToday. Not posting, just reading. The state of our country seems more hopeless than it did 15 minutes ago.



LSP said...

Good advice.

And weird how Apocalypse Now keeps cropping up. Seems strangely apt.

SiGraybeard said...

My favorite quote is that going to the comments takes 10 points off your IQ. Per minute.

Rick C said...

OMG. Murphy used to say that frequently in Z Nation and it was fairly obvious what he meant (although in this case, it more meant "don't try to help other people in the zombie apocalypse"), but I didn't know it was a reference.

Wolfman said...

I regularly use a picture of Chef from that very scene with the caption, "I gotta remember, never read the comments!"

Glen Filthie said...

You have to remember that the mass media no longer reflects the culture or the intellect of the the masses. Nowadays the only people relying on those organizations to inform them are the very elderly or the very stupid. Take heart and cheer from the fact that they are failing and can’t sell subscriptions and advertising anymore.
The standing gag for “journalists” facing layoffs is “learn to code!”. If you want to get really depressed - think of poor Borepatch and the thousands of new flunkies that will be trying to enter his profession. :)