Thursday, January 17, 2019

What Is A Man?

I'm not the bully in the Gillette commercial. I'm not the guy that cat-calls. I'm not a racist.

I am male. I have grown into being a man. I had good examples growing up. I joined the Marines when I was 19. I served six years on active duty and received an honorable discharge. I married at 20. Our relationship has lasted 42 years and continues. I raised four sons and survived the death of one of them. I have worked steadily since I was in high school. I have never been stopped for anything more serious than traffic violations. I volunteer in my community in what I consider meaningful ways.

Gillette may not be able to walk this back but they ought to try. It's wrong to insult people because of their gender.

Meanwhile, here's a response from another company.


Beans said...

Excellent commercial. Gillette will never regret it as they went 'woke' and will die on the social justice hill of doom.

Good riddance the over-priced monopolistic jerks.

Borepatch said...

That is quite good. I'd never heard of them but will remember this commercial each time I see their logo. I *had* heard of Gillette (as have we all), and I will remember *their* commercial each time I see their logo.

Gillette has the worse of that exchange, I recon.

Gorges Smythe said...

Very Good.

LindaG said...

I wish I could understand the words better. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Glen Filthie said...

Crap like this destroyed my family. So, I know a little bit about this.

First - this has nothing to do with you boys. As you've all noticed, it doesn't matter if you were a good Marine, or a good worker, or a good father. The culture war has taken the scalps of men like you left, right and centre. It's going to take many more.

This is solely and completely about marginal people grabbing power for themselves. They can't do it the way a man does - by earning the respect that goes along with it the hard way. The affirmative action hires don't have the grit, the integrity, or the drive for that. All they have is shame - and weak white men are easily shamed. The hell of that is that our boys are growing up ashamed of themselves - and it has literally killed some of them.

There was a time I would have taken an apology from such people, had they the honesty to offer it. But no more - Gillette can't walk this back, they can't apologize for it. It wasn't a gaffe, as BP speculates - this was done with malice and forethought, and the people responsible will do it again if they are able. I am throwing my razor in the garbage and will never deal with Gillette again. Fact is - now I am offended, and the creeps responsible can take their product and their accusations and sod off.

Also - so what if you made a lewd catcall, ASM? Or maybe we get in a tussel in a bush league hockey game? These are low level events in life, not traumatic experiences to justify being a fake victim. I don't want their apologies or evasions. I want them out of my life, period.

Jonathan H said...

I saw this article on breitbart 2 days ago about the ad agency that created this ad, as well as the woman who produced it and their well documented anti-male agenda.

LSP said...

Forty two years! Congrats, and I mean that. As for the marketing/pr geniuses at Gillette, another story again. By way of semi-rant, these leftist goons will reap what they've sown with the current generation of young men they've messed up.

I predict violence.