Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Joshua Tree National Park Fully Closed, Unlike The Gov't

Apparently, the actions of a few led to closing Joshua Tree until the full staff returns. Which leads to the comments on this action.

My favorites so far:
1. If the government is shut down, who is closing the park?
2. Wow, maybe they could build a wall!
Protip: As long as they are still collecting your money, they haven't shut down.


Beans said...

My take from the article, which didn't show any comments at least where I could see them, was... WHY AREN'T THEY ALREADY USING FEES COLLECTED TO PAY FOR THEMSELVES???? WTHeck?

That, and will the illegals who use JTNF as a transit route now respect our Government shutting it down and go elsewhere?

Richard said...

Perhaps it is different this time but in all previous shutdowns, the LE staff in the National Parks was on duty. So basically this is bullshit.