Friday, January 11, 2019

Clarification II

This is my fault. I focused on guns. Mea culpa.

I'll let Beans say it, as he did in the comments:

The 2nd Amendment isn't about guns. It is about the God-given right of self defense.

Take away or control guns, then it's just a step away to taking away common household items that can be used for self defense, like hammers, kitchen knives, baseball bats, golf clubs. Like, oh, say, what is happening in (formerly) Great Britain.

Guns are just the big ticket items. What about butterfly or switchblade knifes? Canes? Umbrellas with sharp ends (no, really, umbrellas used to come with a somewhat spike rather than the rather blunted ends)?

God-given right to self defense. With an F-84G fully armed with bombs and rockets, if necessary and I can afford it


Aesop said...

I didn't think you mis-stated things.

I'm just willing to frame things under discussion using a meat cleaver, chainsaw, or guillotine rather than a butter knife.

Personal flaw.


Gorges Smythe said...

Frankly, I think we should all still be wearing swords, not worrying about blades over 3 inches long.

Old NFO said...

Come to Texas Gorges, now you can! :-) I'd prefer an F-4J, fully loaded... I know where there is one for only $3.4M... sigh

Beans said...

I remember the Drug Pirate scourge in the Gulf and Caribbean in the 70's. Being ready for self defense and being 'allowed' to be armed would have saved a lot of people's lives and property.

As to swords, anything longer than a small sword or Gladius sticks out too far and gets in the way when you sit down. Of course, if restaurants and other seating places didn't cram us on top of each other, well, that wouldn't be too much of a problem.

And there is something seriously wrong with certain places that will charge the victim with defending himself/herself and they cause injury or death to their attackers.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I don't want a sword. I want a Mac 10, or 11.
I have the God-given Right.

Aesop said...


With an End-User Certificate?

I found a cherry TA-4J Scooter for a paltry $1.95 Mil a coupla months back that had me drooling as I planned the purchase, zero-CATP licensure blitz, and weekly ACM tutoring/maintenance/fuel bills, but unfortunately the Powerball Plan didn't pan out like I'd hoped.

But for an F-4, I'd seriously consider criminal enterprises.

And either way, once you get the airframe, it gets a lot easier to take it shopping for the proper Vulcan accessories in more permissive markets, and no one ever looks under the hood on those things, right? ;)

And hey, it's still listed:

ASM826 said...

I think it would be a touch cheaper to stay out of jets. Maybe consider an A-1 Skyraider.

McChuck said...

What ASM826 said. The Skyraider carried the same bomb load as a B17, but farther and faster. And was a dandy close air support plane. And could chase away more modern light attack planes.

Ken said...

Per ASM826 and McChuck, A Spad would be a good choice. I'd cheerfully settle for an AT-6/SNJ. Anybody over in the Rodina making a replica Il-2?

Aesop said...


Also doable.

2ABill said...

Everyone seems to forget that privately owned, heavily-armed ships did battle on the government's behalf in America's early wars:

The US Constitution explicitly allows the granting of letters of Marque and Reprisal. There's at least one paper suggesting that we bring back the practice:

There are arguments for and against nukes, some stating that the wording of the second amendment, "keep and bear arms" obviously pertains to only those weapons that can be carried - "borne", by an individual. But the evidence of our early history suggests otherwise.

Aesop said...



Imagine the shock and surprise if Maersk Alabama had been fitted out my the owners with CIWS, because they could, to greet potential pirates, and instead of firehoses, had sent a few well-directed streams of 20mm at the swarm of little boats that seized the ship.

Piracy: Darwinian survival of those who get out of that racket, in 0.2 seconds, at that point.

We wouldn't even need the navy to help, at that point, and they could concentrate on steering their ships properly without hitting anything that moves on the seas.

OMG, almost like someone had done this all before, until the SJW ninnies pooch-screwed everything.