Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tax Dollars at Work

Seattle recently spent $52 million on ten new street cars. They did this on contract, gave specifications to the manufacturer, the contract called for the cars to be between 65 and 75.5 feet long with a max weight of 95,000 pounds.

The existing street cars are 65 feet long and 60,000 pounds.

The new streetcars are too large to fit in the maintenance barns and possibly too large and heavy for the existing system of tracks.

The $5.2 million per car is staggering, how many riders would a streetcar have to have over it's lifetime to make this purchase make economic sense?

However, that's just the start of it. The cost of the project is now $200 million and an estimate of $24 million dollars a year (from the vendor) in operating expenses for the 6 mile streetcar system,  including a 1/2 mile extension of the existing lines to join them in a loop.

The mayor has finally put the expansion on hold pending a review.


talnik said...

O'Hare airport too.

Kevin said...

It's like no one in Seattle government is remotely competent...

McChuck said...

There's the right way, the wrong way, the insane way, and the Seattle way. It's generally ((wrong + stupid) times insane) squared.

Check out the remarkably accurate documentary movie about the founding of Seattle. It's called "Paint Your Wagon."