Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Before The Heat of the Day

Got up early, packed up a rifle, and went to the range with a friend. We thought we might have the place to ourselves that early, but there were 2 people out there when we arrived and 10 of us by 9:00 AM.

A good morning, not too hot, a little cloud cover. Perfect for some offhand practice.

Later there will be food and fireworks. But if you're going to celebrate what it is to be free, a morning at the range isn't a bad way to get started.


LSP said...

Good start to the day.

Happy 4th!

SiGraybeard said...

If it hadn't been pouring, I might have done the same.

Nice looking rifle.

Happy Independence Day, and thanks for your service.

McChuck said...

Happy Independence day, Borepatch!

What range is this? We usually go to Cresap, east of Frederick. The one in the picture looks a bit nicer.

ASM826 said...


It's not Borepatch's range, it's ASM826's. It in eastern N.C.

selsey.steve said...

Just think. I'm a retired Police Officer (not in Britain), served in the Marksman Unit, qualified in pistol shooting 4 times a year for 28 years, later qualified as a Range Officer. I now live in England. I've just turned 70 years of age and I have found out that I am, by age alone, disqualified from obtaining any sort of fire-arms licence.