Thursday, March 15, 2018

Toys я Gone

Before Amazon and Wal-Mart, and after Sears Christmas Catalog, there was Toys  я Us.


LindaG said...

I only went in a couple timed, because I never lived where they had one. But the couple times I did go, their prices always seemed too high. Sad to see everyone who will be out of work; but I think they shot themselves in the foot with poor marketing.

Roy said...

It went like most old-name brands go. A merger here, a merger there, followed by idiot management, mindless cost-cutting, and finally, the corporate death spiral.

I hadn't been in one lately - my children are grown - but back in the day they were a fun place to shop.

Aaron said...

Toys R Us had been a disappointment since years back, and we hadn't visited one for years - the store nearest us was always grungy, had unhelpful staff, and typically didn't have the toys the kids wanted in stock.

As a kid it was a great store, but they certainly went downhill by the time my kids were in the toy buying stage of life.

Steve Sky said...

A good deal of Toys R Us problems were that Bain Capital stripped out all the assets in a Leveraged Buy Out (LBO) to the tune of $6.6 Billion, and Toys R Us collapsed under the debt. But Bain Capital made out good.
Sounds like the repeated typical story of the corporate raider. The raider cashes out, and everyone else suffers. Eastern Airlines is another example.