Sunday, March 4, 2018

Coyote Point

This started because I saw the picture on the cover of the April 1963 American Rifleman magazine.  It showed a group of shooters on the line at Camp Perry. They are upright, with their right arms out in what is now known as the chicken wing. I decided I wanted to read the article and went looking for the magazine. One magazine was sort of pricey, but there was an Ebay auction for eleven magazines, all from 1963, and I won the bid.

For ten dollars, sixteen with shipping, I have eleven editions, each one a time capsule to an America that no one remembers. I could start anywhere. So get ready, as the United States works to sell it's birthright in 2018, I am going to put up a series of posts about America as it was in 1963. John Kennedy was President, Vietnam was the answer to the bonus question on a geography quiz, and you could buy a gun out of a magazine and have it mailed to you.

Let's start in August. The article is titled "The County Builds a Range -- Tax Dollars Build a Municipal Safety Range as Part of a Recreation Complex near San Francisco". No, really, that's the title. They built a range on a point of land in San Francisco Bay.

The article has the details of how they built an overhead sand filled baffle system to ensure that no rounds could leave the range at any angle. Safety was crucial to the success of the project. It was designed to be used by law enforcement and the public, handling everything from rimfire pistols to hunting rifles. The one concession that the design required was that shooting could only be done from fixed stations to ensure that the safety barriers overhead would catch any errant rounds.

It was an immediate success. They were open six days a week, had 5600 shooters in the first 3 months. Shooting, hunter safety classes, law enforcement training.

The range was one part of a larger park and it will come as no surprise that the place has been under ever increasing pressure to close over the decades. I found a newspaper article from 1996 citing safety concerns about people transporting firearms to the park, noise issues. Center fire pistols were banned in 1992. The public use times were curtailed, reduced to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings.

But it's still there. Only open 9 hours a week to the public, and currently closed while undergoing a renovation that will create an indoor facility, to my surprise, Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club still exists.


JohnMXL said...

I lived less than 5 miles from there in the early 90s and never knew it existed. Having a place to transform money into smoke and noise so conveniently located would have made living there much more bearable.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Have you ever been to Fort Lauderdale
For geographic context, this is about where civilization peters out into the Everglades, about 30 minutes from Stoneman Douglas High, and part of a large county park. The Friday schedule reflects snowbird and tourist season.

LSP said...

Thanks for that. I've used the phrase "the old America" in several requiem homilies because it described people who were just that, from another and, I'd say, manifestly better age. I find this moving if sad because we've come a very long way in a very bad direction.

Of course our President is part of the old America, which is why the nihilists of the present age rage and gnash their hysterical teeth against him. Hopefully he doesn't represent a vanguard operation.

With that in mind, I remember remember reading 1940s (WWII) Nat Geos in my school library when I was a kid. Do you remember this:

A far cry from Anzio and Monte Cassino, ain't it.

Forgive the essay.

ASM826 said...

Lone Star, leave as long a comment as you like. I still like the old National Geographic Magazines. I have exactly one, from July 1943, on my bookshelf.

hjets said...

In those issues you bought, were there ads for Kleins? I remember the days before 1968 when you could buy whatever right through the mail. A time machine would make me rich.

Glen Filthie said...

They can't sell what isn't theirs, fellas.

Up here in Canada gun control's a bad joke and liable to get you punched out - most of all in the bastions of liberal idiocy like Tranna and Hongcouver. I'm not kidding - lefties often find themselves victims of self created bad luck and circumstance - and seriously proposing gun control as a means of ensuring public safety - will get you laughed out, or punched out depending on how bad the victims had it!

Today we largely don't comply with it, and they wisely don't get to enthusiastic about enforcing it. You don't have to worry about losing your guns.

You DO have to worry about losing your constitution though. If the anti-gunners successfully censor and edit it - any number of other degenerates will want a go at it too.