Wednesday, February 7, 2018

SR-71 Ultimate Slow Flyby

When the question usually is, "How fast will it go?", what is the answer to, "How slow will it go?"

Here's the story. Involving a WWII British airfield, a flyby with cloud cover and a low ceiling, and an SR-71 sideways at 152 knots in full afterburner.

UPDATE 7 February 2018 21:22 [Borepatch]: This is a very cool story.  I posted one a long time back, if you're a SR-71 fan.


bruce said...

whoa baby

Jerry said...

I remember Lyndon Johnson announcing that we had the SR-71 and it would fly 1,800 mph at 80,000 feet. Several years later, the Russians & Chinese, in a rare joint news conference, announced, Bulls**t! It will do 3,000 mph at 120,000 feet and for all we know may do more.". The apochyphal story was that Russia had designed the Mig-21 Foxbat to shoot down an SR-71. They found one overflying Russia, got a Mig-21 within range and fired a missile. The SR-71 pilot goosed the throttles and outran the missile. Of course, it has never been officially confirmed.

Sevesteen said...

When I was in USAF tech school in the 80's, Major Shul gave us a speech on the SR71. Among his other talents, he is an amazing speaker.

Will said...


MIG-25, not -21

jon spencer said...

Here is the story without the eye searing colors.

ASM826 said...


I was going to switch the link and then I got a pop-up from the site asking me to whitelist them and turn off my ad-block, so oh well. But yes, your link is certainly easier on the eyes.