Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Printing Bump Fire Stocks Is So Complicated

 Alternative Title: Why It Really Doesn't Matter If You Ban Bump Fire Stocks

Why bother with 3D printers and all that computing power when you can buy a box of rubber bands?

I'm not saying this is legal where you live. I'm not suggesting you should do it. I really don't think this good for much but turning money into noise. I'm just pointing how damn difficult it would be to stop people from finding a way to increase their rate of fire.


waepnedmann said...

I am sure one can find the photo of the M-14 or M1 carbine set up with a shoe string and a keyring large enough for an index finger.
And, yes, the ATF has ruled that it fits their definition of a machinegun, so it is verboten.
What was considered fun, in days past, is now a felony.
I found hitting a target with an M16 on full auto was problematic after the first round.
One with experience in such things described a full mag dump with an M16 as a ticket across a trail and a waste of ammo in most other cases.
A person could make a case for machine pistols in some situations.
But, "...shall not be infringed."
Words used to mean something.

kotetu said...

bump board, no moving parts: