Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Iwo Jima - 19 February 1945

Years ago I met and talked with an Iwo Jima veteran about his experiences. He went ashore on the 2nd day and was there until the Marines were relieved by the Army sometime in April. He would say, "Sciline remembers, because Sciline was there." He told me that when his company mustered on the beach to leave, there were 13 of them that were original members from the landing.

Sciline is gone. Even his website is only visible on the Wayback Machine. Here's one page from May of 2008. 

The men and women in this interview are likely all gone now. But when they were young, their country called and it fell to them to go and fight and die on a sulfurous island that would serve as a waypoint on the way to Japan.

Take an hour and hear their stories.

Semper Fidelis, Sciline. I remember.

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STxAR said...

I went to visit Torch, a fellow I hung around with in school. His dad sold tools, Cornwell, I think.

His dad had scars on both cheeks. Kinda hollowed in, about the size of a 50 cent piece. He saw me looking at them. He said, "I got shot in the mouth in Iwo Jima." Went in one side and out the other. He and a buddy decided to join up in '44. They rode a motorcycle to the bus depot in Lubbock, hopped the bus for Marine training, and left the bike running on it's kickstand.

Thank you Mr. Graves. I remember, too.