Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I Asked Trump To Do One Thing

All I ever asked of Donald Trump was don't be Hillary. He failed.

Now he is proposing to confiscate firearms without due process


Tim Covington said...

I told people when Trump was backed by the NRA that he was just saying things to get the endorsement. But, I was told I was being paranoid. I was told he had changed after taking a serious pro gin control stance in the past.
I hate being right.

Eagle said...

Gun confiscation without due process, if passed into law, will be challenged almost immediately -- and will be overturned.

The right way to handle this is to pass laws, at the state level, that require reporting *convictions* of violent felonies to NICS. That would sufficiently expand the database to cover both state-level and federal-level convictions for violent felonies.

Being arrested is insufficient. You could be released.

Being charged is insufficient. Prosecutorial discretion.

Being tried is insufficient. Hung jury or found "not guilty".

CONVICTED. That's the bar that must be overcome to suspend someone's Constitutional rights. Nothing less.

But for that to work at all, the states must arrest, charge, try, and convict those who are committing violent felonies (and I include "straw purchasers" in that list).

Arrest. Charge. Try. Convict.

Jeffrey Smith said...

1) I was shocked when I saw that. Of course, I was also shocked to discover that people gambled at Rick's Cafe Americain...

2) Burt, what about pleading down to a misdemeanor or nonviolent lesser felony and all the other things our court system does to avoid being overwhelmed with actually trying all criminal cases?

Glen Filthie said...

Trump can be a cagey bugger. Wouldnt be surprised if this is just a stalking tactic.

Nevertheless: Get your AR now, yesterday would be better - and stock up on on high cap Mags.