Thursday, December 21, 2017

Why We Hike

A short documentary film on the PCT.

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waepnedmann said...

I rode a section of the PCT a fair number of years ago with my dad. Pretty boring. The section we were on was an old tree plantation. Flat with uniform pines and not much variation in geography. No wildlife except jays.
If you are ever heading north on I5 about 30 miles past Redding is the Castella Post Office at of all places Castella.
The post office routinely holds packages for hikers on the trail. The PO is located in the combination market, gas station and deli with lots of craft beers available in a rustic atmosphere.
Castle Craig's State Park is nearby and the hike to the top of the dome takes about two hours if you are in great shape.
If you are part of a group (I once guided a BSA troop up and it took four hours). Going down takes about 45 minutes to an hour.
There is a kind of trick to getting to the top of the dome. You have to traverse across its SW face until you came to a crevasse that splits the dome on a west-east line.. this is the only section I consider roping off. I usually don't rope off if I am alone, but with groups we tie an Army style Swiss seat, jamb a wedge in a crack and set up a safety belay across the chute. No one I have taken up has even slipped, but forty years ago someone took the sled ride all the way down to the boulder field.
Follow the crevasse up and it eventually brings you to point where you can scramble up a slick wall to your right and find yourself on top of the dome. There is a twenty-foot wide chute you have to traverse to get into to the crevasse. The chutes leads down about a 1000 foot face that would wear all of one's freckles off before the sudden stop at the bottom would scatter your body parts in a boulder field.
It is nice to be able to drive past Castle Craigs on I5, look up, and share, at least with youself that I have stood on the top of that dome you can see from the freeway.