Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Under The Tinfoil Hat

First it was Harvey Weinstein. Then Kevin Spacey. Then a cascade of high profile media celebrities and a few politicians. The latest being Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor.

The question is why now? A lot of these men are Democrats, fellow travelers as it were, so why sacrifice them?

I have a tinfoil hat idea I want to get out because if it comes out this way it will at least allow me to smugly point back at this post.

I think someone has some compelling evidence of Donald Trump behaving badly. They couldn't just use it because everyone would have just pointed at Bill Clinton and shrugged. So they had to establish a new standard. Once there is a big enough pile of heads...surprise! Will you look at that? Why, Pr. Trump is one of them and it just came out.

Then they will use it to get him to resign or face impeachment. That goal is worth however many men they have to sacrifice to set the stage to make it happen.

I think it will be happen in the coming weeks.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Nope. I'm calling it a Trump counterattack. They went after him. Now he's returning fire. If he doesn't know where the bodies are buried personally, he at least knows the grave diggers.

Ratus said...

I don't see that happening. It would mean that the Dems\Progressives​ are competent.

And if anyone had something, anything at all, they would be unable to keep quiet about it.

Hell, they've gone from the Clinton\Fusion GPS smear documents to #TwoScoops and #Koigate.

Tom Steyer spent $20mil on ads to impeach because of violation "Trust".

Nope, if it's​ about Trump and as soon as more than one person knows about it, it'll be on Twitter seconds​ later.

Ratus said...

Also, regarding the succession of Dems/Progs taking it in the neck.

It's following the normal way of most human events "...slowly, then all at once.”

Glen Filthie said...

Yup. The boys are right - if Trump goes down for something like that, then Bill Clinton has to as well - along with all kinds of other high power democrats.

I know you fellas are non-partisan and hate all politicians equally - but I see this as 'liberal family values' asserting themselves. Promiscuity, contempt for marriage, feminism, equal opportunity employment and affirmative action - all these liberal birds are coming home to roost. Divorced, lonely old women have nobody but cats for companionship. They've piddled their lives away playing at being as good as men in the workplace. Or they've frivolously divorced good husbands for cash and prizes, and are back in a dismal dating game at a time when they are getting old and fat. Their men are faggots or cads that want nothing to do with them. They're bitter, angry and twisted and they are lashing out at their men who are now using their wealth and authority to diddle younger liberal harlots. Hell hath no fury... And lest I sound smug and superior... no, none of this makes me happy at all. The kids are getting caught in the middle of all this, they aren't being raised right, and when we throw out that 'innocent until proven guilty' thing - we are on a road to ruin.

riverrider said...

i have been saying its a setup for weeks. they want a big name like conyers or frankin to resign to set the precedent. then they can scream bloody murder on trump. but what then? do they think pence will give the vp to hillary and resign? when heck freezes over.

Ted said...

Well maybe it started out that way... but now it's spun completely out of control, blowing up in their faces. As the bigger targets go Bang more and more scorned 2nd tier Feminist's will start to come forward when they start to realize that they have more to gain than lose when they failed at trying to "Sleep their way to the top".

The only question is who is next??. David Muir ???? and then the question is the same as when I hear about Matt Laurer Girls or Boys????

Borepatch said...

I can't disagree with your assessment of motivations, but I'm not sure I see how a deeply discredited institution could remove Trump from office without *massive* backlash. Essentially, it would be overturning a free election using a strategy of throwing excuses against the wall until one sticks. Unfortunately (for them) the one that sticks is "Congress is pretty rapey".

Yeah, no downside to them doing that, nosiree.

Murphy(AZ) said...

The Libs had their chance at Pr. Trump during the election. Scandal rose up about his mis-deeds and should have well, maybe not sunk his campaign, but seriously damaged it, and Hillary!(tm) would have been president. But the people (read: voters) didn't want to hear it.

Something to consider: where ade his accusers now? Pretty quiet, the lot of them.

But the Libs just can't let a good scandal go, and so many of the members of the Press and low-to-mid level political wonks are always looking for a chance to achieve a higher station by climbing on the bodies of their recently dead.

Conyers, Franken and any other politician who fall to the knives of the anxious upstarts will not leave quietly or under their own steam. After all, they are icons and learned men, and they've apologized. Who could ask for more?

News readers and Hollywood types are always getting squeezed out for younger, bustier, blonder replacements. They're paid bucket loads of money while they're on top (no pun intended.) Their antics and indiscretions are well known and ignored or explained away (boys will be boys,) and the ladies and young men are quietly warned that this is the kind of sh*t sandwich they'll have to eat on a regular basis if they ever want to make the top tier.

This will go down in history as the Year of the Horndog. It is part of the natural cycle of Liberal Life.

Richard said...

The guy who lit the fuse was Ronan Farrow who was seeking revenge for Weinstein's role in rehabilitating the career of Woody Allen. Then it spiraled. I don't think it has anything to do with Trump one way or the other. Some of may be Dems attacking Bill Clinton to try to get Hillary to go away and quit damaging their brand.

Old NFO said...

I think this is the backlash... Whether Trump has a hand directly in it or not, it's long overdue!

Archer said...

If Trump goes down, then we get President Mike Pence. [snark] Oh, darn! [/snark]

But I just want to point out one thing that occurred to me this morning: During the election campaign, you'll recall it came out that Mike Pence is an old-school gentleman. He does not go for lunch, dinner, or drinks with female coworkers without his wife present; he does not have private meetings with females; and he goes out of his way to avoid ANY appearance of impropriety.

The Democrats tried to rip him apart over holding such "quaint" and "archaic" principles. America disagreed and applauded him for it.

Now, if all that is true, then Mike Pence is the ONLY man in Washington, D.C., who is completely above reproach in this slew of sexual misconduct allegations. Even IF they get Trump (and that's a big "if"), we get President Pence, who is untouchable.

Getting Trump out of office (by impeachment or resignation) would be a "YUGE" victory for the Dems, but the backlash on sitting Dem legislators would be, for lack of a better word, apocalyptic. And they know it.

I don't think they have the balls to pull the trigger on it.