Friday, September 1, 2017

Protecting and Serving

Elizabeth Daly and her roommates bought some sparkling water.

In an effort to protect and serve, agents of the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Board surrounded her car with guns drawn. Terrified it was a robbery or worse, they drove off. After 911 confirmed that the agents were law enforcement, the women stopped.

Angry and embarrassed, the ABC agents then charged her with 3 felonies.

Once the protecting and serving got wide press coverage, charges were dropped.

She sued for $40 million. It was reported yesterday that she settled for $212, 500.


Aesop said...

How about this one from Salt Lake City:
ER nurse refuses (per policy agreed upon by hospital and PD) that she's not allowed to draw blood from an unconscious patient unless he gives consent (impossible), or the officer arrests him, or they get a warrant for the draw.

So Officer Jackboots arrests the nurse in the ER!
For refusing to break the law, violate hospital policy, do something unethical, and commit both a civil rights violation and an act of battery on the patient.

YouTube incident video courtesy the local SLC papers at my site.

Sherm said...

The obvious but unasked question is about the officer drawing a gun. I had no idea that under aged drinking warrants the use of deadly force, at least in Virginia. Of course no one got shot but once the gun is out that option is on the table.

Ken said...

But the taxpayers of Virginia who paid that settlement will keep voting for the buffoons who set the terms and conditions that led to the debacle in question. From the outside it looks like a self-licking ice cream cone, but the input is hidden.