Monday, July 17, 2017

The Scanner

A couple of comments asked what I was using to scan my pictures and slides. A good question because it is a fairly new purchase and I am very happy with it.

It's a Epson V600. Cost about $200.00 online. This is the first scanner I've owned that managed slides in any usable way. This is doing a much better job than my previous scanner and here's an example. The top image is a scan I did in 2009, the bottom image is one I did this weekend. It is the same slide. Even on the older one, the full image doesn't look that bad, but when I zoomed in, you can see the posterization and muddiness in the older image.

It does an equally nice job on prints and significantly faster because I am scanning the prints at 600 dpi. They require a bit more attention because there is no set size or tray to put them in like the slides.

One of the things I like about it is the software package. Used in the pro mode, it provides a great deal of flexibility. It comes with a backlight in the lid and a tray for slides and negatives. I am scanning the slides at 3200 dpi and having them saved automatically in a temp folder. This lets me do other things and then every five minutes or so I can put in 4 more and hit the button.

I could not justify a dedicated slide scanner for this size project. If I had 20,000 slides or more, I might have spent the money for a auto feeding slide scanner that I could have put 50 slides at a time in and walked away.

And just in case, here's a disclaimer. I bought the scanner. Paid on-line retail price. Epson doesn't know me, doesn't care about me, and has not compensated me in any way for saying nice things about their product.

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JD said...

Nice. thanks for the info. I will have to add this to my wish list. I have a bunch of negatives I need to scan and the current scanner is a bit clunking to be nice about it. . . . and I have some old slides I would love to scan too.