Sunday, July 16, 2017


So what do you do with a couple of thousand slides? Thousands of prints? It's tempting to decide that no one will ever look at them and have a bonfire.

It absolutely true that in 2017 no one is going to drag out an old manual Sawyer projector and spend hours looking at slides. But maybe, someday, if I only keep the good ones, the kids would look at the digital images. Maybe.

So I realized something a couple of weeks ago. I took them as a hobby. I can scan and organize them as a hobby. I'm no longer doing for anyone but myself. This is the last time I will handle these slides. Scanned or rejected, all of them will be tossed when I finish. It is a trip down memory lane to a life I lived.

There's everything, my pictures from Japan and the Philippines, births, birthdays, beach trips, playing in the yard. I'm about 500 slides in, maybe 1500 to go. Then I will finish the prints and make a digital archive for the family.

And yes, it's backed up. More than once. Off-site. I would never do this twice.

Here's a few I scanned this week. The first two are only edited to remove dust and age issues.The last one I edited in Gimp to force it into a silhouette.


libertyman said...

An ambitious project, that's gor sure. Still, there is a value to it that merits the effort.
I have a few thousand to look through as well.
Perhaps for a rainy day( or week).

Old NFO said...

Iwakuni, Hiroshima, and I don't recognize the last one. Kyoto? I need to do that too... sigh

ASM826 said...

The first one is Korea, on a ROK Army air base at Yechon. The last one is Miyajima, half way between Hiroshima and Iwakuni.

Rich in NC said...

What concoction are you using to scan these things? I've go a bazillion of them to do too...[when I was a kid all we took were slides: uugh]

4 at a time sounds like a good deal.

Thanks in advance for the information

Rich in NC

Terrapod said...

What Rich said, I have literally thousands of sldes and black and white film rolls to scan, have not been happy with price/performance of what is on the market and can't spend 4000 bucks on a top end scanner.