Sunday, July 16, 2017

One Carousel

Looking down on my desk right now. The scanner does 4 at a time, with the setting I am doing it takes about 5 minutes.


Ed Skinner said...

My extended family doesn't understand why I haven't sent them JPGs of my 8,000 slides nor my Dad's collection of 30,000+ not to mention his 50,000 B&W negatives.

"What could be so hard? Just scan them in!"

michigan doug said...

I've got my dad's slides(thousands).
My grandpas (more thousands).
Thinkin about just chuckin them.

ASM826 said...

Ed and Doug,

I almost chucked these.

I will offer this. I was brutal on culling. I might still have 10-15% of what I started with. I tossed the prints, sat and looked at them one last time and decided or . Filled a trash can and kept a small pile. I have done the same with the slides and a light box. Now what i have left, even some that get scanned, once I see them on the screen, I delete them.

I have a file structure, family go in genealogical folders, nested and then broke out as people reach adulthood. There there are events, USMC, places, friends, and a folder for text documents.

Once this scanning is done, some high level tagging, and a document to write, maybe a short history from my point of view.

And as I said, I am doing this for me, no expectation anyone will ever look at them all or care. Although those of you that visit us here may be subjected so some that I consider my best efforts.


lee n. field said...

Oh, boy. Back in the days when phone modems were most people's way to connect to the internet I remember having to explain to at least a couple of customers why they couldn't just email a full CD's worth of photos to someone. The interaction would start with "my email isn't working anymore..."