Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 25th, 1977

The recruiter picked me and took me to the AAFES center in downtown Baltimore. I was given plane tickets to Charleston, S.C. that put me in Charleston around 8 PM.

Marines met us at the airport and after some milling around all of us got on a Greyhound bus and rode into the night. It was still very rural and there were very few houses and no towns once we rode south on Hwy. 17. The road was dark. It was pine forests that gave way to swampland as we traveled.

We passed through the main gate and rode over the causeway.

Receiving at that time was still in wooden WWII barracks in the center of the main part of the base. The bus looped around past the Navy Federal Credit Union. It was 98 degrees and 2330 hours.

We were invited to unass the bus and find a set of footprints.

July 25th, 1977. Forty years ago today.


Borepatch said...

Semper Fi, ASM826.

Brian said...

The yellow footprints where someone always faces the wrong way. Semper Fi

bobbyvee said...

iirc they are lined up heals to the curb,without the curb in MCRD Hollyrood.
1 September 1977 platoon 3110 semper fi