Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Made-In-Chicago Museum

Chicago, like all American cities in the 19th and 20th Centuries, had manufacturing plants scattered throughout. Bicycles, typewriters, cameras, toys, radios, and a thousand other things were once made here. The past is a different place and we don't, maybe can't, remember.

Here's a site to jog those memories. Pictures and details, a list in the sidebar to all the companies listed below that once made things, created jobs, and helped fuel the engine that built the modern world. A window into a Chicago my grandfather would recognize.

    A.B. Dick Company

    A.L. Hansen MFG Co.

    Abbott Laboratories

    Ace Fastener Corp.

    Addressograph Company

    Adjustable Clamp Co.

    Admiral Corp.

    Airguide Instrument Co.

    Albert Pick & Co.

    American Automatic Devices Co.

    American Cutlery Co.

    American Family Scale Co.

    American Flyer MFG Co.

    American Metal Ware Co.

    American Shoe Polish Co.

    Anacin Company

    Angel Dainty Dye Co.

    Armour and Company

    Arrco Playing Card Co.

    Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co.

    B. Heller & Co.

    Bambino Products Co.

    Bell & Howell

    Bersted MFG Co.

    Bloomfield Industries

    Bremner Biscuit Company

    Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.

    Bunte Brothers Candy

    Burke & James

    C. Cretors & Co.

    Cable Piano Company

    Cadaco Inc.

    Calculator Machine Company

    California Beverage Co.

    Calumet Baking Powder Co.

    Central Wholesale Grocers Inc.

    Chess Records

    Chicago Electric MFG Co.

    Chicago Flexible Shaft Co.

    Chicago Mail Order Co.

    Chicago Printed String Co.

    Chicago Roller Skate Co.

    Chicago Specialty MFG Co.

    Chicago Telephone Supply Co.

    Clipper Products Co.

    Columbia Medallion Studios

    Compco Corp.

    Cracker Jack Company

    Curt Teich & Co.

    Curtiss Candy Co.

    D.B. Fisk & Co.

    Dad's Root Beer Co.

    Damon MFG Co.

    Denoyer-Geppert Co.

    Detect-O-Ray Company

    Ditto Incorporated

    Dowst Brothers Company

    E.B. Millar & Co.

    E.C. DeWitt & Co., Inc.

    E.H. Sargent & Co.

    E.J. Brach & Sons

    E.K. Pond Company

    Ekco Products Co.

    Electric Clock Corp. of America

    Essanay Film Mfg. Co.

    Excel Projector Corp.

    F.B. Redington Co.

    F.H. Smith MFG Co.

    F.W. Planert & Sons

    Famous Products Co.

    Florsheim Shoe Company

    Geo. B. Carpenter Co.

    Geo. W. Diener MFG Co.

    Gold Eagle Products Co.

    Grossman MFG Co.

    Halsam Products Co.

    Halsey Brothers Co.

    Hammond Organ Co.

    Hanson Brothers Scale Co.

    Harmony Company

    Hedman MFG Co.

    Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.

    Illinois Bronze Powder Co.

    Illinois Cosmetics Co.

    Indestro MFG Co.

    J.P. Dieter Co.

    Jas. P. Marsh Corp.

    Jays Foods, Inc.

    Johnson Publishing Co.

    Kellogg Switchboard & Supply

    Kraft Foods Company

    Liberty Dairy Products Co.

    Lincoln Logs

    Ludwig Drum Co.

    Lyon & Healy

    M.A. Donohue & Co.

    Mars Incorporated

    Maybelline Company

    Metal Moss MFG Co.

    Morton Salt Company

    Motorola Inc.

    National Washboard Co.

    Nestor Johnson MFG Co.

    Northwestern Beverage Co.

    Oliver Typewriter Co.

    Page Boiler Company

    Paymaster Corp.

    Peerless Confection Co.

    Pelouze Scale & MFG Co.

    Peter Hand Brewing Co.

    QRS Music Company

    Radio Flyer

    Rand McNally & Co.

    Reed Candy Company

    Regal Musical Instrument Co.

    Reid, Murdoch & Co.

    Replogle Globes, Inc.

    Revere Camera Company

    Rival Packing Co.

    Rock-Ola MFG Corp.

    Sanford Ink Company

    Schulze Baking Company

    Schwinn Bicycle Co.

    Shure Brothers, Inc.

    Signode Steel Strapping Co.

    Simonsen Metal Products Co.

    Slingerland Drum Company

    Spartus Camera Corp.

    Sprague, Warner & Co.

    Standard Brewery

    Steele-Wedeles Company

    Stewart-Warner Corp.

    Stone Medicine Co.

    Sunbeam Corp.

    Swedish-American Telephone Co.

    T.C. Gleason MFG Co.


    Triner Scale & MFG Co.

    Turner Brass Works

    U-C Lite MFG Co.

    Union Publishing House

    Vail MFG Co.

    Val-A Company

    Van Cleef Brothers

    Vaughan Novelty MFG Co.

    Vee-Jay Records

    Victor Adding Machine Co.

    Victor X-Ray Corporation

    W.E. Pratt MFG Co.

    W.F. McLaughlin & Co.

    W.M. Welch Scientific Co.

    Webster-Chicago Corp.


    Western Electric Co.

    Western Fluorescent Light Co.

    William Cooper & Nephews Inc.

    Williamson Candy Co.

    Wilson Jones Company

    Wilson Sporting Goods

    Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

    Woodstock Typewriter Company

    Zenith Radio Corp.

    Zeno MFG Co.


"Zack" said...

My Dad worked at Bell & Howell for around 20-years. I remember him taking us there for an open house tour in the early 1960s.

For no other reason than to find work, Dad came up to Chicago from Tennessee in 1951; after a payday or two he wired train and bus tickets for Mom to come up.

Murphy(AZ) said...

WOW! My Granddad worked for Western Electric and even though he worked on the production line always wore a coat and tie to work. My dad worked for Hammond Organ as he went through school on the G.I. Bill to become an engineer, then went to work for Motorola. They were getting ready to expand as part of the great electronic migration and offered to move our family to Phoenix in 1958. We've lived here in West Chicago ever since.

STxAR said...

Hallicrafters radio is from there. I worked with a man, that knew Lauren Toogood. LT designed the circle h logo for the radios, as well as working on the mechanics of them.

Hallicrafters was a major radio producer during WW2 and up thru Vietnam.

Jason VanLanduyt said...

And it's not just Chicago, ASM. Look up and down the Fox River Valley, 30 miles to the west. Elgin Clock and Watch Works, Austin-Western Mfg., Sealmaster Bearing, Thor Power Tool, All-Steel Mfg, Lyon Metal, Barber-Greene, Caterpillar. All world-wide names, all gone now. Don't forget the thousands of jobs in supporting businesses, from paint makers and suppliers to lunch counters. And these are just the ones I grew up with. There are probably thousands of others in the suburbs around here that I can't name off the top of my head. How many other urban areas have the same story to tell? Milwaukee? Toledo? Cleveland? South Bend? Pittsburgh?

Richard said...

This is known as "bad luck"

Kinnison said...

Nope. Nope. Feature, not a bug.

Kinnison said...
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