Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wiretapping is so 1980

When you have the power of a fully operational Stasi Ministry of State Secrets NSA collection of every phone and email, you use it. The Obama Administration didn't need to tap the phones in the Trump Tower. They just need access to the data collection that is being performed on all of us every day.

I was going to write this up, but Bayou Renaissance Man already hit the thing out of the park.  

"Hell yes, Donald Trump was "wiretapped.” So were you, by the way. And me. From open source information shared by defectors the intelligence community was too incompetent to keep from defecting, we know that every single electronic communication we send is collected in the NSA mainframes. Every single one. And the NSA has algorithms they can use to search it. You don’t go plant a bug in Trump Tower. You wiretap the opposition party’s nominee for president by running a search through the communications that the government “incidentally” collected. And if you find something juicy, then you call up your buddy at the Post and hand it over."

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Murphy(AZ) said...

I don't want this to sound like it's going to, but isn't it too late to worry about it now? WE allowed this to happen, for whatever reason. In the '50's it was the Communist menace, and we gave up a little of our freedoms way back then. In the '60's it was the Yellow Peril, and we gave up a little more. The hippies were going to topple the government if we didn't push back, so we gave up a little more.

And each time we stepped back, The Government stepped up, and each step they took had new and exciting ways of watching, of listening, of keeping us in line and under their thumb.

It's not the Republicrats, or the Democans, they come and go and nothing ever changes but the faces and names on the evening news. The danger, the enemies of Freedom, are the nameless, faceless wonks in government offices and on the GS payroll who gather a little bit here and a bit more there until they know everything they need to keep us in line and under their collective thumb.

The sad truth is we are our own worst enemy, because we let it happen.