Thursday, April 27, 2017

Remember The Struggle

Early on in the modern age, Americans put a Sears catalog in the one holer. A true dual purpose device, serving as reading material and cleanup, that innovation served for a generation.

Once the throne moved indoors and electricity became standard, two things happened. In 1930, the Northern Paper Company made the great leap forward with the first toilet paper certified to be "splinter-free". Also, in addition to safe paper, radio was an option. Reading was no longer the only entertainment choice. But what if you wanted to change the station?

In the 1960s, this question was answered. I saw this recently in a junk shop.

If you need one, they can be found on E-Bay. Or you can just call up the oldies station on Pandora while you play solitaire.


SiGraybeard said...

It still astounds me that toilet paper was essentially invented in 1930. Certified splinter free? What did you do when you had a splinter? Kind of impossible to do the "magnifying glass and tweezers" drill on yourself. Did people do that for each other?

Miguel GFZ said...

Don't laugh, but I had one just like that (color and all) in my bathroom.

The radio did not last but a couple of months... but stayed put for decades because it kept paper correctly.

matism said...

I believe the results of the situation you mentioned, SiG, were similar to this joke: