Saturday, April 29, 2017

Out Of Battery

Of all the stupid things you can do with a gun during a robbery, treating it like a magic wand and waving it six inches in front of some one's face is number one. Stay back far enough that they are at least an arm's length away. Really. People actually train for this. You cannot stop someone from taking the gun unless you are already pulling the trigger. It's not even difficult.

That's good advice in a defensive situation, too. Don't be close enough to have the bad guy put his hands on you or the gun and don't think pointing a gun is enough to deter everyone.

Second, in this case, the gun is out of battery. It's down, non-functional, no shooty.


Brad said...

What an idiot. I haven't ever been in that situation, so I suppose I don't know how I'd react. But...the guy puts the gun in your face, then next to your head. I really do think I'd grab his arm, just out of instinctive self-defense.

Once you have the tiger by the tail, as it were, you can't let go. So at that point you break his elbow across the counter.

OTOH, the cashier is remarkably calm about the whole thing. Good for him.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

This has to be a training video or something.

The only thing the criminal did not do wrong was face the camera, hold up his ID and say Hi Mom.

I can see not noticing the gun is OOB in a stress situation, but the cashier looks like this is the 4th time today this has happened. He almost looks dejected when the guy does not take the drawer. Also, why not take the drawer? Don't cashiers still stash big bills under the checks. Of course who pays with cash these days anyways? We get a great look at the guys face, if he is going to stand in front of the camera that long, he should have at least waited till his sandwich was done.

Bob said...

The pistol, out-of-service as it might be, still would make a fine bludgeon.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

So this apparently is a real video, robber is just a complete and total moron.

Some of the comments on youtube have been oretty funny. One gun "expert" is calling the feed failure/oob a "stovepipe" which of course it is not. Another comments on the money on the side of the try being "obviously large bills", and while cashiers have for years put large bills in the drawer, under the checks and such, when you pause the video, it is a 1 dollar bill.

Well, kudos to the cashier for keeping calm.