Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Internet of Things...Intimate Things

We-Vibe collected data from their wi-fi controlled and internet connected vibrators. Information like the email address of the user, the number times the device was used, duration, and the intensity settings used, on a minute by minute basis.

This came to light at DefCon last year and lead to a lawsuit. The company has settled, claims to have destroyed the data, and is offering $10,000 to every user affected.

"Standard Innovation claimed, at the time, that the collected information was solely for “market research purposes, so that we can better understand what settings and levels of intensity are most enjoyed.”...Standard Innovation has since updated its privacy policy and have granted users the ability to opt out of sharing anonymous data. The company also no longer requires users to register their device or provide personally identifying information such as name, email or phone number."


Jason said...

Is this a new revenue opportunity?

1. Buy some IoT crap
2. Wait for the inevitable security failure
3. Collect the settlement check

ASM826 said...


And have some orgasms while you wait!

Arthur said...

"...is offering $10,000 to every user affected."

Check's all ready. We'll just need your full name, address, social security number, account numbers, username/ password for every financial institution you deal with, oh and a 12 megapixel photo gallery of the set of genitals our device was used on/in.