Friday, February 3, 2017

Political Truth

I'm sure the cartoonist thought this was a cute way to take a poke at Pr. Trump and the travel ban.

If the tribes had met the first Europeans with force and turned them away before they got a foothold on the east coast of the continent, they would not have been overrun, decimated, had the land taken and their way of life destroyed. By the time the tribes recognized the full nature of the threat and the reality of what was happening, it was too late for them to effectively defend themselves.

There's a lesson in that somewhere. We should learn it.


cecilhenry said...

Here is the lesson:

How Whites Took Over America

Goober said...

Yeah, I would have actually taken this cartoon to be in favor of Trump's policies. Because holy shit, if the natives had been able to do this things would have gone a lot better for them...

matism said...

Actually, if one bothers to look at the "Native Americans" who were in North America when Europeans arrived, one finds that by-and-large they were continually at war with each other, and treated "Native Americans" who were not of their tribe at least as badly as Europeans did to some of them. And by the way, "Native Americans" at that time were not "First Nations", but were instead at least the second inhabitants of this continent who wiped out those who preceded them but did not quite succeed in destroy all record of the previous peoples. And who knows whether those previous peoples were the original inhabitants, or if instead they were merely more successdul in destroy evidence of people who lived here before them.

Quaint evidence to consider:

Note the text:
"...human occupation preceded the arrival of the Clovis people by as much as 10,000 years."

But then that does not fit the politically correct narrative now, does it?

Richard said...

The destruction of American Indian culture had much less to do with warfare than it did with disease. Since neither the Indians nor the Europeans understood how that worked at that point in time, the outcome was more or less inevitable once contact was made.

Pumice said...

Actually it was the Vikings who first tried to settle in North America. Their colonies were driven off. Unfortunately for the Indians they could not work together well enough to repel the group that came three hundred years later. There was no left to protect them from the weakness of their culture.

We now see a similar invasion going on at our southern border. Will it enrich the stew of American culture or bring it down? Only time will tell.

Grace and peace.

Goober said...

The difference was population, not weakness in culture. Ever wonder why the Americas were rediscovered to Europeans in 1492 but the first settlement didn't take hold until 130 years later?

There was a plague. Reduced the native American population by over 90% in that 100 year period. By comparison the absolutely catastrophic black plague in Europe cost Europeans about 30% of their population.

The native Americans that the pilgrims encountered were the surviving stragglers, like the people left in 28 days later.

Squanto only helped the Europeans because his people were all gone. He went to Europe and when he got back his village was gone, everyone was dead.

The vikings encountered a population big and strong enough to repel them. The pilgrims encountered a population of people who had barely survived a literal apocalypse.