Tuesday, February 14, 2017

But I Thought Independence and Secession?

California, land of the many Trump haters, wealthy and perfectly capable of forming an independent country without any help from the Nazis currently controlling levers of government in Washington D.C. had a weather related crisis this week. They are getting too much rain. It put the second largest dam in the state at risk of a failure at the earthen spillway resulting in a large evacuation.

And what was their fiercely independent response to this crisis? Did they man up? Go full Dunkirk on the situation and get volunteers from the protest groups filling the streets to show their mettle and help move their fellow Californians out of harm's way?

You know not. Gov. Brown sent a letter asking President Trump for emergency assistance with costs of the evacuation.

No word on what the Calexit protesters have been doing during the crisis.


Ted said...

Of course they want Federal money to pay for this.

1. It was Federal $ that helped pay for the Dam in the first place.

2. Not enough $ to "harden the Spillways " when ogininally built.

3. Global Warming

4. George Bush!!!!!

5. Stimulus should have been bigger.

6. Trump!!!

7. George Bush!!!!!!!!

Richard said...

Get them out of the US while we have the chance.