Tuesday, January 24, 2017

For Tam, On the Subject of Cameras

View From The Porch takes no comments these days, so I can only post it here.

The ongoing quest for the perfect pocket camera is much the ongoing quest for the perfect concealed carry pistol. You want it to lightweight, easy to deploy, disappear in a pocket, and do everything.

Carrying a full sized camera is a decision. Relying on your cell phone camera is limiting at best. Any camera with a protruding lens is inconvenient.

My choice, and the option I would like to recommend is the Canon Powershot Series. The latest of which is the SX710. I don't have one, mine is an older version, but they appear to be much the same.

A 30X optical zoom, a lens that fully retracts into the camera when shut off, a small flash, and a 20 megapixel output in a camera with outside dimensions of 2.6 x 1.4 x 4.45 inches. Something that easily carries in a jacket pocket and rivals the capability of much larger systems.


Tim Covington said...

Hopefully she reads this comment. Sony makes a collapsible 18-55mm lens that fits the Nex-5T. Since it is the kit lens that comes with the Sony A6000/6300/6500, she might be able to get a good deal on a slightly used one from E-Bay or Amazon.
Though, if she wants to buy another entire camera, your suggestion is a good one.

Bob Tamewitz said...

The Canon looks like a very nice and versatile compact camera. The prices that I saw quoted seemed pretty reasonable, too.

I don't have that one either. The compact that I carry is a Nikon Coolpix S6200 that my daughter and SIL got for me a couple years ago. It's pretty much exactly the size of a pack of cigarettes, so it's easy to stash in a pocket. 10X optical zoom, flash, retractable lens and 16 megapixels. Not quite up to the features of the Canon, but does a good job for about $100 less. So depending on your purpose and budget it could be a nice option.

Comrade Misfit said...

I have a much older Powershot that I still use, a A1000IS. No wi-fi or any of that, but it runs on AA batteries. I like not having to fuck with chargers.

Lawrence Person said...

I used to have a retractable lens camera. It seems to me a matter of not if the retractable lens mechanism will break, but when.

Unless I'm going to shoot an HD film, my iPhone camera is Good Enough for whatever I need to shoot these days, and the regular upgrade schedule means that resolution on a new iPhone is probably going to lap a good consumer-grade digital camera in about two years anyway...

bart simpsonson said...

I have purchased two high-zoom (optical) high-quality point and shoot cameras at garage/estate sales in the PHX area and both have been very capable and versatile rigs, total investment for both $55. The first was a Fuji Finepix E505R and it could take a 360 degree or 180 degree panoramic photo. They both used rechargeable batteries so I purchased an inexpensive spare for each. The second was a Panasonic Lumix, not sure of the model, but each had a retail price of about $400 or so. Each would fit in a pocket, did HD video as well and high MP count. I don't know why you would need anything more.