Monday, January 9, 2017

A Christmas Story

Back in October, I put up a guest post by The Mad Irishman. In it, he spoke of a series of range days with his dad and son over the summer. He sent me some pictures and mentioned the likelihood that this was going to be the last one.
It was. They probably both knew it.

So while they were out that day they stopped at a shop and bought some parts. It was going to be a project they could work on together. Because there was an AR upper that his dad already had. And a Ruger lower receiver The Mad Irishman had bought to give his dad for the Christmas he didn't get to.

They didn't get to build that rifle, either.

So what do you give a 10 year old boy that loses his Papa two weeks before Christmas?

There might be a lot of answers to that question. This time the answer starts with a Ruger lower receiver.


Add in the upper that Papa never had a chance to shoot, the parts kit they bought on their last range day, a scope, some backup irons, and it starts to look like a rifle.

It's not, though. What it is is a tangible reminder of a grandfather, a Christmas present that will always be remembered, and a statement of trust and responsibility as a boy takes steps toward manhood.

It's been put in his hands now and he's been told it's on him to earn the money to buy his own ammunition.


Old NFO said...

Damn, it's dusty in here...

Borepatch said...

A rifle is so much more than a tool. It's the mark of a Free Man.

That's a bitter sweet lesson for the boy, but it's a gift from a Grandfather who loved him, and wanted him to learn it. God speed.

Todd said...

Somebody put dust in my eyes.

.45ACP+P said...

Some years back, my mom passed shortly before Christmas. My brothers and I (the heirs) decided that we should get all the grandkids and spouse one last gift from "Grandma" from the proceeds in her checking account. We consulted with each recipient to find the "thing" that they wanted, would use for years and that would, in regular use, remind them of Grandma. I get the same feeling with this gift. May "Papa" be remembered with many smiles as he learns to master this rifle for a lifetime. May I suggest ?

pigpen51 said...

What a special gift for a great young man, from a great grandfather. Sad, yes, but this is the way that life should end, in good memories.

The Mad Irishman said...

Thank you to those that took time to leave a comment, also to those that read this and reflected on their own situations. This hasn't been easy but we are getting through it. I was happy that I could put that rifle together for my boy, he has been chomping at the bit to go out and put it through it's paces. Again thank you.

I may even post a pic of my ugly mug if enough people want to see it (I can promise it ain't pretty)