Tuesday, December 13, 2016


"but there’s one thing that, on a philosophical level, you will never be able to make me concede: That intentionally making yourself weaker in the face of danger and aggression is somehow more civilized, moral, intelligent, or enlightened. "
--Marko Kloos
It's not a new post, but I recommend you read the whole thing.


Borepatch said...

That Maj. Caudill fellow sure can write, can't he.


Timmeehh said...

Three of the fundamental truths of life;

1.Water is wet,
2. Fire burns,
3. It is better to be armed than unarmed.

Goober said...

Tim Treadwell said he'd never hurt a bear, and didn't carry a weapon as a result. One wonders if, philosophically, he ever regretted his decision as the bear ate him alive. I have no doubt his girlfriend certainly did. Her screams on that audio recording have haunted me for years.

A person rendered into steaming bear shit is NOT morally superior to a person standing over a dead bear with a smoking gun in their hand. It's the way of natural law, and to think you're somehow above that is the height of arrogance and conceit.

Every creature on earth will fight to Dave it's own life.

Except a liberal.