Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas in a Minor Key

Christmas used to be a big production event for us. With four boys growing up, we would have year after year traditions, piles of wrapped presents, the biggest tree we could get in the room, lights on the house, and an unending stream of cookies.

All those decorations sit in boxes in the attic. The oven sits unused. There will be no one coming home this year, just the two of us in a quiet house, and the ghosts of Christmas past.

The music in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, like the song posted by Borepatch, is mostly in a minor key. A little plaintive. But in the end, it is about hope and finding Christmas in unexpected ways.

I was going to the range last week and she asked me to "look for a Charlie Brown tree". I found one on the back side of the berms and cut it with a machete. We put it in plastic flowerpot filled with rocks and she put tinsel on it. Our decorating for the year is complete.

It is in others ways that I continue to hope and believe in the coming of the Christ into the world.


xx said...

The 12th will be two years since my husband took his life. I'm thinking of you...


The Mad Irishman said...

Hey ASM,
You are way ahead of me this season, My wife has been trying to get me to go up to our storage unit and get the Christmas stuff so it can sit in boxes for a week or two till she can get around to it. I however refuse to go get it because of what's going on around here with Dad (I don't feel very merry)

I'll share that home Hospice sucks and is very hard on everyone concerned (especially Seamus) We are figuring that all will be said and done some time before the end of the month. My brother and I just had the what do we do next conversation and I don't wish that on anyone it sucks really bad.

On the flip side at least we'll be able to have these last few weeks together as a whole family, and that if nothing else makes it worth the pain.

I hope you and your lovely wife have a great and merry Christmas season.


P.S. maybe I'll write that contributor article when I have time and am inspired. This year has been a hell of a ride.

ASM826 said...

Eric, maybe in a couple of months when you process all of it, but keep it in mind, it's an open offer.