Wednesday, December 21, 2016

California's Ongoing Secession

California has opened it's first embassy. In Moscow.

It just writes itself.


Ted said...

A bunch of Fruitloops opening an office inMoscow with a sign on the door that says embassy is not the same thing as California opens an Embassy

Eagle said...

Let 'em go.

Then... build a wall.

waepnedmann said...

The State of Jefferson movement, first started in 1941, has advocated for the formation of a 51st state from rural counties in Northern California and southern Oregon (2 million + residents) due to "no taxation without representation" and having progressive laws forced down our throats by big city liberals in the Bay Area, LA, and Portland.
So, how come we have been beating the sessecion drum for three-quarters of a century and it isn't until the big city progressives decide they are not represented that the MSM is all over that story while nearly a dozen Northern California county board's of supervisors have voted to seccede from the State of California and crickets from ABC, NBC, and the like?
At the monthly meeting of the Tehama County Shooter's Association one sees a LOT of State of Jefferson ball caps and t-shirts.
Last year a member of the California National Guard from Siskiyou County won the Army's version of three gun championship. Yep, he beat out the Delta Boys and the rest of the best. The local joke was that when Jerry Brown found out he would probably disband the National Guard.
Olathe boots, Whites, ball caps and Resistol hats are pretty much the uniform of the day. Garcia spurs are considered jewelry.
Tom Bosenko, the Sheriff of Shasta County, sent a letter to Biden "explaining" things when Biden was recruiting for his anti-2nd Amendment push.
The last time I went to the range there were more women than men on the firing line. One of them let me shoot her S&W ten-shot 617 which was loaded via a ten-shot speed loader. The double action pull was butter-smooth.

Eric Wilner said...

California bear, meet Russian bear. Natural affinity, yes?
Er, wait. Aren't the Russians in league with Trump? Or is that last week's narrative?

juvat said...

Last year when there was discussion of Texas leaving, all the progs were "Civil War ended all that talk". What's changed? Not that I'm against cutting california off at the knees. Yes, you can leave, not one cent from the US to assist you though.

Cosda said...

Let them go. In a couple of years we can buy the whole place back for a half cent per dollar.

Ken said...

I would've thought Beijing, or Pyongyang, or Havana, or at least Caracas.