Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trump's America

This map was in the N.Y. Times, showing the parts of the United States that voted for President-elect Trump.
This can be compared to the cartoon map in the previous post.


SiGraybeard said...

It's an odd combination of holes. Big cities and small places that must be dependent on the Fed.teat. By and large, my only use for those areas is to change planes, or plan a trip for the lowest airfare and then a rental car so I can get the heck out of those blue holes. For the most part, all of those holes are places I wouldn't want to be - especially after dark. As evidenced by the rioting going on in so many of them.

Archer said...

Or as another meme going around put it:

Trump has better coverage than Verizon! Can you hear us *now*?

Jon Schmidt said...

The spots in South Dakota are the reservations

Richard said...

"The spots in South Dakota are the reservations"

True in most of the rural West. Other spots are cities and university towns.