Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Cubs

I grew up watching baseball, playing baseball, and rooting for the Cubs. The only pro sports event I have been to in the past 30 years is a Cubs game.

I don't have all the cable channels and MLB in their infinite wisdom has moved all the regular season games to pay channels. The World Series is the only exception now. It was on FOX this year. So I had been following the stats on-line, watched in disbelief as the Cubs didn't crater in mid-season, and was surprised to see them win 103 regular season games.

She was an Orioles fan growing up and still likes baseball. Watching post-season baseball has been something we do every fall. This year was no different.

Last night was everything a writer could have made up about baseball. Cubs in a Game 7 after winning the last two to prevent elimination. Game tied up in the 8th inning. Tied going into the 10th. A rain delay. In the 10th, the Cubs score two. The Indians answer with one. Final score after 10? Cubs 8, Indians 7.

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My congratulations!