Saturday, November 26, 2016

On the List of "I Hope It's True"

Here's a series of scans that look like real letters to and from the ATF concerning an ... "unconventional" attachment for an AR-15 pistol. Might be true, the reply looks authentic. Funny, in either case. You might have to click and expand each one to read it.

I have a couple of follow-up questions about proper load data, and how many magazines of ammo, and whether Viagra would be considered cheating for the purposes of competition.

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Todd said...

Allow me to introduce you to Matt Best:

Raptor said...

It is true per one of the members of an online gun forum I frequent. One of the members claims that while Matt Best did "invent" the contraption, he (the member) actually had his attorney send the letter to the ATF.

Knowing said member, odds are actually pretty good he's telling the truth.