Thursday, October 20, 2016

From The Mad Irishman

The Mad Irishman left this in the comments:

On your sad note I'd like to share with you and all the other readers, my father and me taking my son to the range this past summer for their only times together shooting. When I was a kid my parents ran a small range in their spare time and going there with my dad is what cemented the shooting sports and the second amendment in my young mind. I would spend countless hours shooting my Glenfield model 25 while my dad did improvements or I would spot for him while he did load development for his competition guns 7mm BR, 7mmTCU sometimes when he was done he would let me take a few shots with them (WOW I was a big kid at 10 shooting those cannons)Two years later I was in the matches as well (yes the first year was small bore) after that I was shooting IHMSA with the adults and holding my own (10th at the 1985 internationals at 14)I've a box full of awards but they don't matter.

This year I finally got my dad and my son on the range at the same time, I've had my son out many times since he turned 6, but finally when he was 9 I got my dad to come with us. he hadn't shot in many years but was itching to and finally gave into my plea's and came with us. The chemistry was pure magic, it was like watching a young me all over again, the patience and the guidance was just what I remember. What sucks is in a few weeks or maybe months that will be gone. Fuck you cancer!!!!! I wish I could share some of the pictures with all of you but I don't know how to embed them in this comment or if it's even possible.
 I don't have your email, but on the chance you're reading this, email ASM826(at)gmail(dot)com and send me the full story along with the pictures and I will post it.

Fuck cancer, indeed.

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