Thursday, October 20, 2016

Family, Shooting, and Love

The Mad Irishman sent this in. We'll call it his first guest post. Who knows, there may be more. I'd call this short post and the pictures below a reflection of love across the generations.

 "My son, Dad and I took weekly trips to the range for most all of the summer (every Wednesday). We missed a few due to Seamus being out of town for a week and because of my Dad's chemo.
They were great days.

We had to stop once school started. My Dad was also beginning to get real tired easily. I did get Dad out once more just before labor day when an old friend of mine came in from out of town to visit. We hit the range at about 10am and stayed until 1pm. It was a fine time especially because we brought a brand new shooter with us (she was a natural).

Dad is too sick now. I doubt we'll be able to go again.

Here's pictures of my Dad with my son."
--The Mad Irishman


drjim said...

Yep, teach your children well!

Nonesuch River 1758 said...

I'm so glad your son is getting to spend time with his granddad. My dad lived 2500 miles away, so my kids only saw him once in his final illness (also cancer, also sucks). I'm sorry for your impending loss. I miss my dad almost every day.

The Mad Irishman said...

I'd like to call this a guest post as ASM826 has but I'm really not a very good writer. My spelling, punctuation and sentence structure sucks.

I happened to stumble across a post here that struck a nerve with me and wanted to add my two cents on a subject that hit me close to home. I wish we all could have more time with those that matter most to us, whether or not they or you know it at the time. My dad and I were never really close in a physical sense (there were no hugs or handshakes) but we always knew were each other was coming from. the last time we (Seamus Dad and me) went out for an afternoon snack after a doctors appointment Dad just sat there with a cup of soup watching Seamus and I interacting and smiled the whole time unless I looked up (then his face was placid)I knew and know he was loving being there just to see this. I don't know why I feel I need to open up to complete stangers but this is somehow important maybe even cathardic to me. I have been reading this and many other blogs for many months and in some cases many years without uttering a peep now for some reason (I don't know why)I've felt like opening up. So for all of you who have read this and maybe got some good from it thank you. Especially ASM. and drjim yours in one of the sites I've read for a long time. and can you (drjim) name the mountain in the foreground of pic 6 ? also btw congrats maybe we'll meet.

burt said...

Bravo! You done good.

Jerry The Geek said...

Tip of the hat. As a Grandparent, I know it's important that children know they are loved and valued by every generation in the family. The child grows confidence, and the grandparent (not incidentally) gains from the connection as well.